Markie Soup!!!

If you ask my mom what my favorite dish was when I was growing up, she would say “markie soup!” It’s also known as “sopas.”

Sopas is a Filipino version of chicken noodle soup. It has the same base of vegetables (carrots, celery, and onion), chicken, macaroni noodles, and—here’s the kicker—milk or evaporated milk. The milk gives the soup a creaminess that is not too thick but not too “soupy.”

I have never made this dish. Remember, I’m very limited in the Filipino dishes that I have cooked. But since it’s getting close to fall and I’m a new father, I wanted to try and make a dish that I want to share with my daughter.

For this recipe, I used things we already had in the fridge… and that mostly just happen to be from Costco (I need to get sponsored some how). The chicken is the pulled white breast meat from their rotisserie chicken, packaged and sold in bulk. The macaroni is from a multi-pack of four different kinds of macaroni AND I’ll be using Costco’s low-sodium bacon to give the soup added flavor. Instead of evaporated milk, I used the Kirkland brand whole milk. For the broth/stock, I defrosted some of my homemade chicken stock that I make from leftover chicken bones (of course from Costco).

So to begin! I minced celery and onion and diced the carrot. Then, I chopped four pieces of bacon and began to fry that in my enamel cast iron pot. Once that was cooked, I added my vegetables to brown. When the onions became translucent, I added my pulled chicken meat. That cooked together for a couple of minutes and then I poured in my chicken stock. When that boiled, the dry macaroni is added. After 15 minutes, I put in the milk and cooked down until incorporated. To season, just use salt and black pepper… LOTS of black pepper.

I could eat bowls of this stuff! It wouldn’t matter the temperature outside. I loved it! This is how Filipino I was—I’d eat it with rice!!!! I guess that’s one commonality we have with Cajuns…

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